Screening KASKcinema on May 23, 19:30h till 22:00h.
Godshuizenlaan 4, 9000 Gent

By Nicola Mazzanti from Cinamatek.

Across 12 decades of cinema history and cinema technology, dozens of color systems were invented, each of them meant to be “better” than the others, each of these systems produced colors profoundly different from the colors of real life and from the colors created by the other color system. Filmmakers and cinematographers used these different palettes, for narrative and aesthetical purposes. The red blood shower in Carrie, the red desire of Jennifer Jones’ dress in Duel in the Sun, Scarlett O’Hara’s shocking red dress in Gone with the wind. Different reds, different color schemes, different narrative functions. Most of these color systems, most of these colors cannot be reproduced simply because the technology that created them became obsolete: Agfacolor, Gevacolor, Sovcolor, Kodachrome, Ferraniacolor, Eastmancolor, Technicolor, Kinemacolor, Chronochrome (the list can be pages long) can only exist in the originals, and cannot be exactly reproduced: not on film, not on digital. If you are interested in understanding what was the real red of Desertop rosso, and many other reds across film history, come to this special screening organized in the context of ICA-Belgium Colour Symposium.