Unique experiential benefits that multi-spectral lighting may provide

Reisinger Markus – Germany, BWKI

LED light sources are known to deliver chromatic light of extraordinary quality – very pure and colorful. In the domain of film and cinematography LED sources must fulfill high demands about color reproduction. Multi-spectral LED light sources are able to fulfill requirements about color rendering, color quality while providing options for theatrical design and stage design. To sketch out the scope of new applications we look at a short to mid-term perspective. Starting point are products that can be found in the market today and that utilize at least 5 different types of LEDs. A closer look to the motivations why multi-spectral light mixtures are used is broad and may range from melanoptic benefits, medical treatment, optical, aesthetical and theatrical effects. This presentation focuses on all effects that may stimulate moods and express emotions. By comparing different spectral mixtures strategies are developed on how certain benefits can be maximized. Among other the IES TM-30 procedure is used to communicate characteristics of the light mixtures evaluated.
The situation today is that while some people are very enthusiastic about new opportunities, other see primarily an increase in complexity, hence more efforts to select a suitable light source. Complemented are the chosen examples with two kinds of experimental usage that relate to film and cinematography. Especially in this field broader acceptance and wider spread realization seem realistic.