Understanding the Real Reason for Blue Doors and Blue Window Frames in Authentic Houses in Many Countries

OR Kazim Hilmi – Turkey Private Office of Ophthalmology

In many countries there are houses with blue painted doors and window frames in rural areas but also in cities. Today they are seen only as decorative authenthic colours. This colour has been used especially in geographic areas in the world where scorpions are endemic. It is said for centuries, that the scorpions see the red colour as blue and that they are afraid flame or fire. So blue painted doors and window frames should be perceived as “fire” by scorpions. But in scorpion’s physiology they are colour blind in red. But they can see blue. There is no scientific evidence that they see red colour as blue. Colour normal human beings can see red colour. The colour of flame is for human beings red. In scientific / physical reality only the outer and relatively cool part of the flame is red, the inner and hottest part of the flame is blue. As human beings we can only see red color in the outer layers of the flame and not the blue. The scorpions cannot see the red in the outer layers, but the blue parts in the inner layers. The colour of fire is for scorpions blue. So they avoid blue colored objects which resemble for them fire. The same physiologic rule seems to be effective for flies which are colour blind for red, so they avoid also blue colored doors and window frames. So, the public knowledge of blue doors and window frames as an illusional barrier against scorpions and flies is justified, where the scientific reason behind it has to be revised.