Robert Hirschler graduated at the Technical University of Budapest in chemical engineering/textile chemistry. In 1967 he presented his first paper on computerised colour matching and has been involved in colorimetry and colour science ever since. Having worked over 20 years in the Hungarian textile industry he worked another 20 years for the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) as Chief Technical Adviser in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His activities covered all fields of colour applications, teaching colorimetry for textile engineers and colour science and applications for designers.

He has been involved in AIC activities for over 40 years. He is an active member of both ProCor (Brazil) and the Hungarian National Colour Committee. Since 2010 he has been the Chair of the Study Group on Colour Education. He has presented numerous papers (including three invited papers) at AIC Congresses and Meetings. He is active also in the CIE, currently he is the Chair of TC1-95 on whiteness.

His current research interest is the teaching of the basics of colour science to architects, artists and designers as explained in his recent article “How much colour science is not too much” published in the journal Color Research and Application.

― Robert Hirschler