Ralf Weber is a Professor of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, Dresden University of Technology. He is currently also VIsiting Professor at the School of Architecture and Allied Arts, University of Oregon, Eugene.

In his teaching and research he attempts to build bridges between the disciplines of architecture and design on the one hand and the theories of aesthetics and visual perception on the other. He teaches Design Foundations and Architectural Design studios, as well as lecture courses and seminars.

Ralf Weber is head of Dresden University’s ”Color Competency Center“ and the “Color Collection” at Institute of Spatial Design. Both are essential resources for teaching and research. Rather than teaching the systematics of color theory in isolation, the 0components of light, color and shape are investigated as part of an integrated whole.

Since he does not believe in a schism between theory and practice, he enjoys teaching hands-on architectural design as well as working on research projects in architectural theory and aesthetics. He is the internationally published author of the books: On the Aesthetics of Architecture; Aesthetics and Architectural Composition; and Thema Material as well as numerous articles bridging the fields of architecture, aesthetics and psychology.

― Ralf Weber