Skies, intangible blue

TREMA STEPHANIE – France, Stephanie Trema

I would like to present my artistic process applied to my project “Ciels, immaterial bleu (Skies, intangible blue)”.

As a French artist, I work colour as Cézanne’s definition: “Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” I compose nuanciers associated with defined search fields (location, time, color…). I work in series, with pre-established process estates, seeking to exhaust the artistic gesture (in the sense of inventory, as experienced by Georges Perec). I present the nuancier and the process of creation in artist books and exhibitions.

I was very interested in the relationship between territories and emotions, using small white pebbles as emotional markers in them. I created geographical nuanciers, based on a visual tool related to the search field (a mirror at Beauregard Castle, a suite of words in a Bordeaux neighbourhood…).
I seek to induce a slight shift in gaze, this modest, intimate gesture that makes reality more poetic, sensitive, bearable…


With my project «Ciels, immatériel bleu», I define blue color as fields of search. The sky has always offered me a window of pure poetry. All I have to do is look up and plunge into the color of the sky, a mixture of light, shade and my own responsiveness. Inventory of the blue of my sky, “Skies” is a poetic, subjective and non-exhaustive proposition.


In recent years, I collected 67 instantaneous photographs of sky (without geographical or temporal reference) that form the basis of the project.

I then constituted a sample of 1000 shades of blue made in watercolour from a workshop study and at the eye of each image. I used an exclusive range of blues from the Sennelier range. I then connected each photo to a shade.

I then digitized these 67 watercolour shades and defined a translation of these ones into CMYK printing standard.

Then, and this is the stage that I’m currently working on, and from the distribution in cyan, magenta, yellow and black, I reconstructe the color to gouache, working with a range of these four colors and white.
Each nuance is applied to a plaster balloon, the format of which is defined by a personal mathematical formula applied to CMYK values combined with a saturation value. This set of blue balloons is the model of the «Ciels » installation.

I will then apply this nuancier to other materials and techniques of color application. To come: a work on pastel, furniture painting, light, a collection of texts… Day-to-day, I post iPhone and squarred pictures of blue skies on my Instagram, memories of this simple times when I open up my eyes.