Thursday May 23

By Kevin Smet from KU Leuven

The Visual Perception & Appearance group is part of the Light&Lighting Laboratory of the KU Leuven.
The lab, located on the Ghent Technology Campus, combines research activities (PhD research) with activities of industrial support in the implementation of innovative developments in lighting through characterizations, optical design, visual studies, perception research, seminars, …
The research on Visual Perception & Appearance focuses on three topics: color, gloss and glare.
Colour research includes: colour and contrast perception, colour appearance, color matching and observer variability, visual perception in virtual reality, subjective colour assessment and the influence of different (environmental) parameters (spectrum, colour, brightness of the illumination, background, nature of the stimulus, real vs virtual, …) on the perception and evaluation of colour.
The activities on gloss involve the development of new, alternative measurement procedures that better correlate with visual perception than the one provided by typical gloss meters.
Glare research aims to develop an alternative to the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) index that not only works for uniform but also for non-uniform light sources.
During the lab tours you can experience some of the visual perception research happening at the Light&Lighting Laboratory, including:

  • “Spatial effects on color perception”
  • “Color constancy: reality or illusion”
  • “Color perception in Virtual Reality”
  • “There it glows: novel ways of probing room brightness”
  • “Determine your own perceptual brightness curve”