Color geometry

VICARIO Olivier – France, private

Colors are three-dimensional data (hue, saturation, lightness). They can therefore be located in a 3D coordinate system.
A color gradient is a set of points belonging to a line segment in a 3D space. As long as the space considered is perceptually uniform, the colors of this gradient are perceived as coherent.
This perceptive action is described by gestalt theory.
These considerations are the foundation of a possible language of color, structured from the elements of 3D geometry applied to perceptually uniform color spaces.
Historically, the predecessors of this approach are the Munsell color system and the suggestions for its use of T.M. CLELAND on the one hand and the OSA UCS system on the other hand because of its use of the cubeoctahedron.
Current IT tools allow a freer exploration of this language.
Perceptual ColorPicker is an example of an open source application that implements these principles. This software proposes the exploration of a uniform space of color due to the generation of plane sections. Several tools of plane geometry, straight, curves, polygons, are then used to locate coherent sets of colors within these planes.

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