Colour Workshop Dresden meets Ghent on Saturday May 25 – 2019.

Full day workshop for designers from all fields, colour teachers, architects, consultants, artists, industry, …

By Ralf Weber and Thomas Kanthak from Dresden University and Markus Frentrop of RAL Colour.

On Saturday, May 25, 2018 Prof. Ralf Weber and architect Thomas Kanthak, who is head of the Color Research Collection at Dresden University, will conduct a one-day workshop on developing a color collection as a guiding theme to be used for a small design project of the participants’ choice. The instructors will be joined by Markus Frentrop, head of RAL Color International, who will give an introduction into the RAL color system which will be used as a basis in the workshop.

During this workshop, participants become intuitively familiarized with the systematic’s of color composition as a result of experimentation and reflective thinking. Through this process they learn to value color as a sensual medium and its importance in architecture and design through an intuitive process of assembling a collection. This phase will be followed by a systematic exploration of composition orders within the range of this collection and finally be applied to a small design project from the areas of design, interior design or architecture.

Participants of the workshop will work in groups of two on their projects.

The workshop will be accompanied by a lecture on teaching color in a new way at Dresden University and several step-by-step introductions for the various stages of the workshop.

Included materials

Colored papers from RAL Color International will be used for the workshop.

What to bring

Participants should bring scissors, glue sticks, cutters and rulers.


KU Leuven Ghent Technology Campus
Gebroeders De Smetstraat 1
9000 Ghent – Belgium
Saturday May 25, from 8:40 till 18:30.


ICA-B Members €100, Non-Members €145

Registration is closed

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